Here are some responses to some questions that new clients often have.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​​What is a Personal Chef?

A Personal Chef provides their clients with wholesome, fresh, home-cooked food prepared right in their own kitchens. We bring fine dining home.  Certified Personal Chef Terry Madigan will work with you to develop a menu to meet your needs, do all the grocery shopping, prepare the meals, package and clearly label the dishes and clean up. The only way you will know I have come and gone is the aroma of home-cooked food and the refrigerator stocked with nutritious, delicious food.


How is a Personal Chef different from a caterer?

Most caterers work out of a commercial kitchen, increasing their overhead and the prices they charge clients. As a Personal Chef, I can still provide catering services for my clients, however all the cooking and prep is done in my client's kitchen.

Do you have to cook in my home? Can you deliver my meals?

I prepare all my client's meals in their own kitchen. This allows me to provide my clients with healthy, wholesome meals at an affordable price. Local health codes don't allow me to prepare meals offsite and deliver them to my clients.

How do you differ from "meal" delivery services?

I develop a menu specifically for my client based on their preferences. I can even prepare family favorites based on your recipes.  Clients are not limited to a short list of dishes available that month. I come to you. You don't need to prepare your own meals out a box of groceries or get into your car, drive to a store-front location and assemble your own food. We are ready when you are.  No long cooking process. Our meals can go from the refrigerator to the table in a just a few minutes.

Do I provide containers?

We are happy to store the prepared meals in your containers, however as part of my standard service, I vacuum pack meals in bags that store well in the freezer and can easily go into the microwave or hot water for reheating. 

Do I have to be home while you are cooking?

No, so long as I can get into your home the morning of your appointment, their is no need for you to stay home. I am licensed, insured and bonded. Some clients provide me with a house key or alarm code, while others meet me before they leave for the day.

Can I really afford this?

Clients generally find my service to be very affordable. Because I am shopping specifically for their meals and all the groceries go into the dishes I prepare, clients typically find they are saving on extra groceries and wasted ingredients that are never eaten.

Are all my meals frozen?

Generally, I leave one or two fresh dishes in my client's refrigerators with the balance stored in the freezer. 

How will I know how to heat the meals?

Each meal is labeled and I leave behind simple reheating instructions for each dish.

How do I pay for your services?

I provide clients with an invoice (including groceries) at each service and ask for payment by check the same day. I attach a copy of the grocery receipt to my invoice; there is no markup for the groceries.