Special Diets​​

Special diets are not usual. A number of my clients are working to lose weight, dealing with a special diet due to a medial condition or recent surgery or simply trying to eat healthier.


You Live Your Life...

     I'll Take Care of Dinner

"I want Terry to move in with us and cook for us everyday...he can sleep in my room.  I'll give him the top bunk."

Dallas (age 6)

Tujunga, CA

Getting Started is Easy !

​1. Meet with Chef Terry for a free initial assessment to learn about your food preferences and any special dietary needs.

2. We develop a menu specifically for you based on your food preferences.  If there is something else you would like prepared, we can do that, too.

3. Schedule a convenient appointment with Just No Thyme for us to prepare your meals.

4. Just No Thyme handles all the grocery shopping and we come to your home to prepare the meals in your kitchen.  

5. We pack up your meals in containers that are convenient for heating and clearly labeled.  We clean up your kitchen, leaving it just as we found it.

6.  You come home to a house filled with the aroma of home-cooked meals and a refrigerator filled with your delicious selections.

7. Simply heat your meals and enjoy dinner with your family. The meals go from the refrigerator to the table in just a couple minutes.  Clean up is easy, no pots or pans to wash.

Personalized Menus 

​Unlike other dinner services, our clients don't have to choose from a short list of dishes available this month or wait for a box of groceries to arrive in the mail. Just No Thyme offers hundreds of dishes for our customers.  We bring fine dining homeCustom menus are developed for each client, based on their needs or food preferences.  We can even accommodate most family favorites.


The standard service includes 4 servings of each of 5 entrées and selected side dishes or starters (20 individual entree portions). The service fee is $300 plus the cost of any groceries. The groceries typically cost about $160 for each cooking session. 

The standard service provides a family of 4 with approximately 1 week worth of dinners. It serves two people for approximately 2 weeks and an individual customer for nearly 1 month.

The service fees include:   

  • Menu Planning and Development by Personal Chef Terry Madigan

  • Any Research to Support Special Diets

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Preparation of Entrées and Side Dishes

  • Pantry Items, including Oils and Spices

  • Packaging and Labeling of Entrées and Side Dishes

  • Kitchen Clean-up